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Getting around

Here is the list of the way possible to get to Baanpufa Resort easily from Bangkok. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Getting Around Sai Yok

Taking the Train

The train is the best and most simple way to get here. It leaves Thonburi Station (Bangkok) twice daily at 7:50am and 1:55pm, and takes approximately 4.5-5 hours to reach Sai Yok. The train from Sai Yok back to Bangkok also departs twice daily at 5:20am and 12:50pm. The journey will cost a flat rate of 100 baht per person.

Make sure you go to Thonburi Train Station and NOT Thonburi MRT Station. It isn’t possible to reserve tickets ahead of the day so be sure to arrive in time to secure your seats.The journey will take you through the beautiful Thai countryside, and across the infamous bridge over the River Kwai and ‘Death Railway’! (Named for historic reasons) This is a great introduction to the area.

Once you arrive in Sai Yok, if you have provided us with your estimated time of arrival, we will have a complimentary shuttle collect you. The resort is just a ten minute drive from the station.

Arrive by Minivan/Bus

Alternatively you can take a van from one of four different bus stations in Bangkok:

  • Mo-Chit Bus Station
  • Sai Tai Kao Minivan Station
  • Burana Sat Road (near to Khao San Road)
  • Chakkapong Road (near to Khao San Road)

A Minivan will only take you about half way to Kanchanaburi town. Once there you must take the red line bus from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhla Buri, this will be posted on the front of the bus. Be sure to tell the driver that you are going to Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, the stop closest to the resort. Once the bus drops you off at Sai Yok Noi the resort is a 10 minute drive away. We can pick you up from there.

By car

Leave Bangkok to the west and hit the route 338. Near Nakhon Pathom there are only
severeal kilometers to go on route 4. Soon you will reach the route 323, which lead you
directly to the Chaiyaphruek village. Once you are there go left and you will reach Baanpufa Resort. From Bangkok by car it will take you around 3 hours to Baanpufa Resort.

By Taxi

Taxi is the most expensive way to reach us. This company can take you to Baanpufa Resort for about 5000 Baht in around 3 hours.

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