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Wat Tham Sua

Hill-top temple Wat Tham Sua 


This temple situated in Tha Muang District is a must to visit in the area of Kanchanaburi. Also known as « The Tiger cave temple », this hilltop monastery can be reached by a 157 steps staircase or using a cable car ! Once at the top you will discover an impressive Buddha image covered with gold mosaic and protected by an unusual shell-like structure. The temple itself is huge and absolutely amazing. From the hill-top you will have a nice view over the fields and the city of Kanchanaburi.

Next to the temple, his little brother Wat Tham Khao Noi a Chinese style pagoda located just right around the corner is also a beautiful temple to visit at the same time.

You will enjoy this visit in a day trip in Kanchanaburi, an hour away from Baanpufa resort !


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